SEABOB – could this be the fastest underwater camera of all?


Summer is peak season for SEABOB as divers and watersports fans experience the high-performance sea toy at hotspot beaches.

Popular with vacationing celebrities such as Christiano Ronaldo, Alessandra Ambrosio, Wayne Rooney and Christoph Metzelder, SEABOB is the fastest water sled in the world. Now, the newly integrated underwater camera technology allegedly makes the SEABOB the fastest underwater camera of all. The SEABOB camera system has two Full HD cameras. One Full HD camera as a recording system in the bow of the water vehicle for spectacular images of the world underwater and an action-cam for selfies in the information display.

Whether its for enjoyment at the beach or an adventurous change from speed from a boat, the SEABOB delivers plenty of fun in the water. Thanks to the simple and intuitive operation through two control grips, anyone can start riding a SEABOB right away and can cruise through the water at 20km/h. While you glide along noiselessly, you can also explore the world underwater with this high-performance sea toy.


All over the world, experienced yacht owners, as well as VIPs and celebrities swear by the unique aqua scooter. Do you need this on your dive boat for some extra fun in the water apres-dive?

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