Scubapro’s Cold Water Collection: Six Drysuits Cover all Cold Water Diving Scenarios


For 2018, Scubapro has completely re-invented their dry suit line. The manufacturer is taking the cold-water diving market by storm with a new line of trilaminate drysuits, as well as an expanded and updated line of neoprene drysuits. Designed to cover the thermal protection needs of divers across a wide spectrum of diving skills, styles and interests, Scubapro’s cold water collection includes three trilaminate drysuits, along with three neoprene drysuits, perfectly suited to all diving needs.



The Evertech Dry Breathable is a premium trilaminate drysuit designed for advanced divers and loaded with features. Built with a breathable fabric nylon/PU/nylon trilaminate blend that allows body moisture to exit without allowing water in, plus stitched and waterproof taped seams, a diagonal front waterproof zipper, a Si-Tech super-soft ring seal system for wrists and neck and Si-Tech valves, this fabric suit is top quality throughout. A pair of large cargo pockets, lightweight attached boots and blue suspenders are just a few of the standard features included with a suit designed to keep you warm, dry and comfortable in all water conditions.


DEFINITION DRY – Trilaminate

Comfortable and built to last, the Definition Dry is made with a new material blend that’s heavy-duty for durability, yet lightweight enough to enable active recreational divers to achieve a streamlined fit. The Definition Dry is a solid mid-range suit for general-purpose recreational diving.


SPORT DRY LIGHT – Trilaminate

Lightweight and comfortable, the new Sport Dry Light‘s front diagonal zipper keeps water out, plus enables you to don, doff and zip the suit without assistance. For divers just getting into diving dry, the Sport Dry Light offers all the features and functions you need for hassle-free drysuit diving.


EVERDRY 4.0 PRO – Neoprene

Offering rugged reinforcement where it’s needed most, high-density 4mm neoprene weighs 50% less than traditional neoprene and is significantly softer, providing increased range of motion. There’s an abrasion-resistant gray over-layer, and a slick anti-abrasion lining in black. Shoulders and knees offer additional reinforcement. The dense neoprene resists compression so the suit can be worn with a thin undergarment or no undergarment at all. The professional-grade light weight drysuit is created for military, commercial and tech divers.


EVERDRY 4.0 – Neoprene

This high-density neoprene drysuit offers the fit, comfort and flexibility of a
wetsuit, with the water-tightness of a drysuit. 2018’s updated version comes with a bevy of new design and convenience features. This suit fits like a glove, offers excellent range of motion, and most importantly, keeps body heat in and cold water out. The suit’s dense neoprene resists compression so can be worn with a thin undergarment or no undergarment at all.


EXODRY 4.0 – Neoprene

Offering a unique approach to drysuit design, the Exodry fuses 4mm high-density neoprene with latex wrist and neck seals. This hybrid design delivers minimal inherent buoyancy, maximum range of motion and an excellent sealing system. 2018’s updated version comes with a bevy of new design and convenience features. A smart choice for all types of diving, it can be worn with or without an undersuit.


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All drysuits come with an anatomically shaped hood, carry bag, low pressure hose and a repair kit and are available at authorised Scubapro dealers.

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