Mike Ball Dive Expeditions Video of the Month June 2019 (Watch Video)


In a new series from Australia’s Mike Ball Dive Expeditions, we share their favourite trip video of the previous month!

From the dive deck of the 20-24 June 2019 Fly Dive Minke Whale Expedition – By Jemma Craig.

June saw the official Minke Whale season off to an excellent start, with guests enjoying great Minke Whale interactions every day of the six days Spoilsport was at sea. Whales were seen while diving but as usual the best and closest encounters were on the Minke snorkel lines, both at dive sites and on several excellent drifts with the Minkes.

Most of the guests were approached with very close encounters, within 1 metre!

Some interesting whale behaviours were observed, including bubble blasts, motorboating, head-rises and the occasional spy hop along with belly presentations and close approaches. There was also lots of great diving to be done, with turtles, sea snakes, sharks and nudibranchs seen.

Just one of the incredible itineraries aboard multi award-winning liveaboard Spoilsport. Find out more at www.mikeball.com.

Mike Ball Dive Expeditions

Mike Ball Dive Expeditions

Mike Ball Dive Expeditions operates exciting scuba diving expeditions on custom-built, award-winning liveaboard Spoilsport, to some of the best dive sites on the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea. Enjoy spectacular biodiversity on the northern Great Barrier Reef including the world famous Cod Hole, or venture out into the remote Coral Sea for exciting big fish action, shark encounters and excellent visibility. Find out more at www.mikeball.com.

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