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  • What is the best type of snorkel for you? That will depend on a variety of factors, but chief among them will be the answer to the question, “What will you be using your snorkel for?”

    The bes […]

  • By Richard Devanney

    The previous two articles on decompression theory introduced and discussed numerous processes that occur in our body as we breathe gases under pressure whilst diving. Some of […]

  • By Brian Shreve

    The Big Question
    As a dive store owner, the most common question I was asked is “I want to get certified.  How much does that cost?”  As with most things in life, the first answe […]

  • By Richard Taylor

    (Note: some Imperial and metric conversions are approximate to reflect different regional norms)
    Let’s be honest, diving gets a bit of a bad rap sometimes.  We can’t real […]

  • By John Bentley

    Night diving may seem daunting to the new diver and, in many ways, it should! While night dives are a great way to shed new light on a frequented dive site, they’re accompanied b […]

  • By Brian Shreve

    Dropping down the line, it seems like forever.  Nothing below you, and nothing above you.  Only the sounds of you and your buddy’s exhaled bubbles break the silence.  Sudd […]

  • by Richard Devanney

    The first section of this series on decompression theory (which you can read here) attempted to describe the processes that determine how our bodies on and off-gas. This […]

  • by Richard Devanney

    Of all the facets of diving, decompression theory is perhaps the least accessible. It can be a minefield of dry scientific jargon and complex principles, which often leave […]

  • by Sean Harrison

    Scuba diving is a great sport, and like any activity it is not without its risks – and that is what attracts some divers. Other divers pick up the sport for the weightlessness, […]

  • by Cris Merz

    The first steps in dropping it all to become a dive professional.
    One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching. – Unknown
    You love to scuba div […]

  • by Jon Kieren
    A few months ago, we released an article that broke down all of the SDI Diver certifications and what the most popular agency equivalent ratings were (which you can read HERE). The goal of posting t […]

  • Caring for Your Scuba Mask
    To a large degree, you care for your mask the same as you would any other piece of dive equipment. The basic steps include:

    Rinse thoroughly with fresh water and allow to dry. […]

  • New Mask Preparation
    When making your mask, the manufacturer sprays the mold for the mask skirt with what is known as a releasing agent. This helps prevent the skirt from tearing when removed from the […]

  • Three Keys to Perfect Mask Fit
    Three simple steps can help you make sure the mask you may think you want is, in fact, a mask that fits properly. These are:

    Strap off
    Look up

    Let’s take a l […]

  • Top 13 Dive Sites According to SDI/TDI/ERDI Staff
    by Cris Merz
    I was asked to put down a list of the top ten destinations in the Caribbean according to Yelp and decided against it. You can “Yelp” it you […]

  • by Lauren Kieren
    “Most people seem to think of the brain as an incredibly complex machine that can do amazing things, but, at least when it comes to processing visual information, your brain is actually quite l […]

  • Don’t be a valve violator
    by Jesse Iacono
    As with many outdated habits in the scuba industry, there are a couple surrounding tank valves that simply refuse to die. This article serves to identify the two most […]

  • What it Means, What it Takes, and Where to Begin
    by Jon Kieren
    TDI Instructor Trainers (IT) are viewed in the industry as the most knowledgeable, experienced, and talented dive educators. They are considered the […]

  • Tips and Tricks for the Ideal Trim

    by Lauren Kieren
    Keep your head up, look forward! Stop slouching! Pull your shoulders back! Believe it or not, this is not your mother or grade school teacher […]

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