June 2018 Video Contest Winner and Review



Winner: Hunt, run, hide, deceive, bluff, sting, poison: surviving in Lembeh Strait – Craig Beasley

Winning Video:

What an excellent summer we are having here in the UK! Perfect for getting under the water and shooting video. This month we had five very good films from around the world which all excellent in their own different ways.

I have had it said to me by quite a few divers that they would like to enter, but didn’t feel their videos were good enough. Please don’t worry about that – it’s only by showing your work and getting feedback that will help you to improve.

Let’s have a look at June’s entries:

A Long Weekend in Barbados – Hank

Watch Hank’s video here.

That was a pretty good weekend! Nice opening, great shot and good music choice. Lots of animals all really well lit and filmed with good clear sharp images. Well done for taking the time to name each critter. Good sound effects at the end. I know the area you filmed and I thought you covered it really well in such a short time.

Volcano Macro Pt II – Seadragon Photography (Dean Spraakman)

Watch Dean’s video here.

Good stuff. Excellent macro and good editing to the music. As I have mentioned before, macro is not that easy. The images have to be crispy sharp, very steady and well exposed. With a few few exceptions you have done all of this extremely well. Just a couple of images that were soft and could have been left out. Although a good film throughout it needed some sort of positive ending rather than a sudden fade out.

Hunt, run, hide, deceive, bluff, sting, poison: surviving in Lembeh Strait – Craig Beasley

Watch Craig’s video here.

So good to have the written intro. Really helps to know what we are looking at in terms of behaviour and location and gives the video a definite theme.  Nice to have the wide reef establishing shot. This gets left out too often. The images were good and clear with very effective lighting. Loved the burying eel and crab with urchin. The ‘exploding’ ball of striped eel catfish was brilliantly cut to the music. Best ending I have see for ages.

Ship wrecks of Karamzin island – Aleksei Kondratuk

Watch Aleksei’s video here.

Huge wreck site! Excellent graphic start to the video with good dramatic music to set the scene. The written intro gave the sequence a good basis but it would have been nice to have known a little history as well. Loved the way you introduced the octopus with that dramatic zoom. Very eerie.

Barracudas of Koh Tao, Thailand – William Heintze

Watch William’s video here.

So nice to see such a quantity of healthy looking fish. It’s good to see a video that concentrates on one species giving us time to look at and appreciate their grace and power. You did really well with the close ups at the end.

And the Winner is….

This months winner is Hunt, run, hide, deceive, bluff, sting, poison: surviving in Lembeh Strait – Craig Beasley. It was a close run thing but there were a few wonderful shots in this film that in the end made it stand out from the others.

Have fun in the water and look forward to next month’s entries.

Scubaverse.com’s July 2018 Underwater Video Contest is now open! Enter as many as three of your underwater videos here.

Jeff Goodman

Jeff Goodman

Jeff Goodman is the Conservation editor and also the Underwater Videography Editor for Scubaverse.com. Jeff is an award winning TV wildlife and underwater cameraman and film maker. With over 10,000 dives to his credit he has dived in many different environments around the world.

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