“Guardian of the Reef” Sculptor to donate 30% of sales to Philippines relief effort


Canadian-based sculptor Simon Morris, creator of the new “Guardian of the Reef” bronze statue that was unveiled at DEMA recently, has committed to donating 30% of the sale price on selected items from his website to the Philippines typhoon relief effort.

Here are the items that Simon is including in his offer:

Hang Time 1/4 life scale


Hang Time is the price that diving pioneers pay for going deep and staying long in their quest for exploration, knowledge, and adventure. “Hang Time” the sculpture represents a fully equipped and properly configured Technical Diver ascending from a deep dive. I travelled to Florida in 1998 to take a cave diving certification course in preparation for the creation of this sculpture.

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Crossroads – Manatees


This mother and calf Manatee sculpture captures the beauty and slow moving grace of these gentle creatures.

As their habitat shrinks and they come into more frequent contact with humans, their future and ours are at a crossroads. I have tried to capture the hope for the coming generations fostered by the mother for the calf.

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Dofleini Domain


The Giant Pacific Octopus of British Columbia and Puget Sound is the largest octopus species in the world. Called “Enteroctopus Dofleini” after the german biologist who named them in the early 20th century, they are territorial and the mothers are very protective of their eggs. The original clay sculpture was built draped over a real rock, then both were molded and cast together, to give an authentic “in situ” look.

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Orca Spirit


A large bull orca embodies the spirit of the Gulf Islands in British Columbia where I live. The patina on this piece reflects the sun dappling on his back through the rich green waters of our Emerald Sea. It is mounted on a museum quality walnut base.

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Trilogy 1 – Humpback Whale Calf


First of three sculptures in the related Trilogy Series, Trilogy # 1 is a single humpback whale calf incorporating an abstract bronze section, mounted on a walnut base.

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Mermaid 1/12 scale


Based on the famous 9-foot Mermaid sculpture placed under water at Powell River BC and Sunset House at Grand Cayman. At one-twelfth scale of the full size sculpture, this 9″ tall figure stands 14 1/2″ high on the included unpolished travertine base.

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The Navigator


This life size bust is taken from the same mold used to create the life size memorial sculpture commemorating the seafaring people of Grand Cayman. Unveiled on May 10th, 2003 by HRH Prince Edward at Georgetown Grand Cayman, the full sculpture shows a father and son team on a schooner, with the son at the helm, and father fixing their position with a sextant. This bust includes the head, hands, and sextant, with a portion of shoulders and chest. Mounted on a custom black steel base. Each piece signed and numbered by the sculptor.

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Mermaid 1/3 scale


Based on the famous 9-foot Mermaid sculpture placed under water at Powell River BC and Sunset House at Grand Cayman. At one-third scale of the full size figure, this 36″ tall sculpture stands 60″ high on the included Walnut pyramid base.

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If you would like to help the Philippines relief effort by purchasing one of these sculptures you can contact Simon directly by emailing him at simon@sculptorsimonmorris.com.

The “Guardian of the Reef” Sculpture¬†will be sunk at Divetech’s Lighthouse Point resort on Grand Cayman on Jan 26th.

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