Going diving? Westfield Insurance has got you covered



The Westfield Travel Insurance Scheme automatically covers your Sport Diving risks whilst on holiday and even includes travel insurance too, all within the same price.

You can be confident with the Westfield policy as they have been providing Sport Divers with insurance since 1972, and within this time they have been very careful in understanding and providing all the required cover for your requirements. In addition the Sub Aqua Association choose Westfield and their insurance expertise for their members’ Travel Insurance needs.

Westfield Insurance have No Depth Limit; all they ask is that you must be diving within the current safety recommendations of the Insured Person‘s diving association. Therefore making their cover very comprehensive.

Westfield Insurance include as Standard cover for Terrorism Risks and Highjack etc. (many insurers are starting to exclude this cover).

Westfield Insurance are also mindful that these days a lot of people are arranging their own holidays when it comes to flights, Accommodation and pre booked excursions such as dive trips, therefore their policy provides you with cover whether booked via a travel/tour operator or via your own means.


Geographical Areas:


United Kingdom, Isle of Man, the Channel Islands, Republic of Ireland, Europe (including Russia west of the Ural Mountains and Black Sea resorts), Mediterranean Islands, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Turkey, Madeira, Canary Islands and Azores.

Red Sea

All Red Sea resorts north of the Tropic of Cancer.


Anywhere else in the World not detailed above.

For more information visit www.divinginsuranceuk.com.

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