Welcome to the Monthly Scubaverse Underwater Photo Contest!


Each month, a winning photo will be chosen from your entries by Scubaverse.com’s Underwater Photography editors, Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown. Nick and Caroline will give their views on a selection of the submitted photos, offer hints, tips and advice in an effort to help you improve your underwater photography skills, and will pick their favourite photo as the contest’s winner. The winning photo will be added to the Underwater Photo Contest Winners’ Gallery, and will also be displayed on the homepage of Scubaverse.com. In addition to this, the winning photo will appear as the background image on Scubaverse.com’s Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages.


But that’s not all – the person who has submitted the winning image will also win a £100 voucher for a Scuba Travel Worldwide escorted photography trips with either Mario Vitalini, Martin Edge, or Martin Guess, and a copy of Vivid-Pix‘s Picture-Fix photo editing software (usually $49.99) which has been developed specifically for the underwater world and ‘Auto-magically’ improves underwater pictures (click on the Vivid-Pix before/after picture below to watch a video tutorial that tells you more about the Picture-Fix software and how it works.)


Each contestant can upload as many as 3 photos per contest. Please note that your entries will not be visible until they have been approved by our Administrator, which could take up to 24 hours.


Maximum File Size: 1 MB


Scubaverse.com’s Photo of the Year


If you are one of our Photo of the Month winners, your winning picture automatically qualifies as an entry into Scubaverse.com’s Photo of the Year contest – and whoever wins Photo of the Year will walk away with over £1,000 worth of Mares diving equipment (click on the Mares logo below to find out what’s included).


In addition to this, the winner will also receive another voucher, this time worth £150, from Scuba Travel for one of their Worldwide escorted photography trips with either Mario Vitalini, Martin Edge, or Martin Guess (as a winner of Photo of the Month, the winner would have already received a £100 voucher from Scuba Travel for one of their Worldwide escorted photography trips, so that’s a massive £250 off one of these awesome holidays).


Scubaverse.com’s Photo of the Year will be carefully chosen by a panel of some of the UK’s best known and respected Underwater Photography experts, lead by Scubaverse.com’s very own underwater photography editors Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown. The winner of Photo of the Year will be announced in the New Year.


Submit your entries below – and good luck!


Contest Terms & Conditions


By entering Scubaverse.com’s Underwater Photo Contest you agree to receive further information from Scubaverse and the Contest’s Sponsors – Mares, Scuba Travel, Vivid-Pix and Frogfish Photography (from which you can opt out of following initial contact from any party at any time). Only three images per Contest can be entered by any one photographer. Images must not be taken in aquariums, or of captive animals in any situation. If the judges think the animal has been distressed or moved from its natural habitat, the image will be disqualified. Images entered into Scubaverse.com’s Underwater Photo Contest will be used to promote the monthly Contest and the annual Contest royalty free; copyright will however remain with the photographer. All photos must be the work of the photographer entering. The judges’ decision is final.



VP-Before-After-1 (2)

Contest Ends In:

This brave little guy gave me “the look”, crossed its tail and dared me to get a little closer.

Getting up close and personal with this feather star gave me an opportunity to get a pleasing abstract picture.

The healthy reefs of Alor are home to some large Barrel Sponges that provide shelter for numerous creatures and make great photography subjects.

Blending in so well with the gorgonian sea fan

The small but terrible octopus was more adorable than alarming

blue sharks Falmouth canon 500d ikelite tokina 10-17mm fisheye sea sea ys1

canon 500d ikelite tokina 10-17mm blue shark uk wide angle fisheye

A Manta Ray glides overhead on the renowned Konami night dive

A whale shark feeding at the surface in the Philippines

Crested horn sharks seek out and find the egg cases of a another horn shark species, the Port Jackson Shark. This one is chewing on the rubbery egg case trying

Giant cuttlefish aggregate in Whyalla South Australia to breed each winter. It’s a chaotic scene as males fight over females. This adoring couple just away from the crowd caught my

I took a chance and squeezed into an overhang where a school of striped catfish were gathered. The strobes revealed vibrant colours. A long wait and I got this shot.

Pyjama Chromodorid on a red finger sponge.

An attempt at CFWA, shot using a Canon S120 in Canon Housing, Inon H-100 wet lens, 2 x Inon s200
F/3.5, 1/320, ISO