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Each month, a winning photo will be chosen from your entries by Scubaverse.com’s Underwater Photography editors, Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown. Nick and Caroline will give their views on a selection of the submitted photos, offer hints, tips and advice in an effort to help you improve your underwater photography skills, and will pick their favourite photo as the contest’s winner. The winning photo will be added to the Underwater Photo Contest Winners’ Gallery, and will also be displayed on the homepage of Scubaverse.com. In addition to this, the winning photo will appear as the background image on Scubaverse.com’s Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages.


But that’s not all – the person who has submitted the winning image will also win a £100 voucher for a Scuba Travel Worldwide escorted photography trips with either Mario Vitalini, Martin Edge, or Martin Guess, and a copy of Vivid-Pix‘s Picture-Fix photo editing software (usually $49.99) which has been developed specifically for the underwater world and ‘Auto-magically’ improves underwater pictures (click on the Vivid-Pix before/after picture below to watch a video tutorial that tells you more about the Picture-Fix software and how it works.)


Each contestant can upload as many as 3 photos per contest. Please note that your entries will not be visible until they have been approved by our Administrator, which could take up to 24 hours.


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Scubaverse.com’s Photo of the Year


If you are one of our Photo of the Month winners, your winning picture automatically qualifies as an entry into Scubaverse.com’s Photo of the Year contest – and whoever wins Photo of the Year will walk away with over £1,000 worth of Mares diving equipment (click on the Mares logo below to find out what’s included).


In addition to this, the winner will also receive another voucher, this time worth £150, from Scuba Travel for one of their Worldwide escorted photography trips with either Mario Vitalini, Martin Edge, or Martin Guess (as a winner of Photo of the Month, the winner would have already received a £100 voucher from Scuba Travel for one of their Worldwide escorted photography trips, so that’s a massive £250 off one of these awesome holidays).


Scubaverse.com’s Photo of the Year will be carefully chosen by a panel of some of the UK’s best known and respected Underwater Photography experts, lead by Scubaverse.com’s very own underwater photography editors Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown. The winner of Photo of the Year will be announced in the New Year.


Submit your entries below – and good luck!


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Contest Ends In:

Black & White version of subject, highlighting symbiotic residents

Donut Nudi from Fallen Tree site, Tulamben Bali

Super macro photo focusing on the eye of this tiny Gobie in Tulamben, Indoensia

Interface reflections in the River Plym, Dartmoor National Park, UK

Boiler of the Glen Strathallan Wreck, Plymouth Sound. UK

Leafy Seadragon I shot recently around Dawn, Rapid Bay South Australia

Tropical sole in Anilao, Philippines
Canon G16

Close-up composition of a Tube Worm

Couple Nembrotha chamberlaini mating, Anilao,Philippines
Canon G16

The Jorunna funebris nudibranchs were mating and the torch from another diver provides a halo effect.

This is a portrait of a Phyllodesmium undulatum nudibranch on a gorgonian. The head is clearly visible and it looks like a bad hair style!

This is a portrait of a lizardfish that looks more at home in one of the Alien movies!

a Neatly lined up school of sweetlips under the sea of Raja Ampat.

Taken in Borneo. Seemed like a good spot to chill!

Shot in Dumaguete, Philippines. Little group of Camelback Shrimp all clustered in a line.

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