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Winner: A very short story of an octopus by Lutfu Tanriover

Winning Video:

One of the things I enjoy about all the videos that are entered every month is seeing the different styles and treatments that I would never otherwise get to see on mainstream media such as TV. It’s been great to see experimentation in the way images have been shot and edited. Film making can be  very subjective and it is this that makes all these videos a pleasure to watch. It takes us away from the main stream formulated TV programmes that have to meet well tried and tested criteria to be made and broadcasted.  These are fun and personal.

Let’s take a look at April’s videos:

Southern Leyte Islands, Philippines – Jeff Nesmith

Watch Jeff’s video here.

The images were stunning and the lighting was very effective. Just goes to show what you can do with a GoPro. The music was an interesting choice but I must confess that it did scrape on my teeth occasionally. The turtle was particularly stunning. What fantastic colours. The general pace of the film was very relaxing but I felt the overall underwater sound effect was just a little to heavy.

A very short story of an octopus – Lutfu Tanriover

Watch Luftu’s video here.

It is said, a window to the soul is through the eye and this is particularly true in this film. The single shot was simply perfect and the music complemented it very well. In that first couple of minutes I felt I was sharing a very special part of the octopus’ life. It needed no editing, no cuts, no change of angles. It was just perfect. Super sharp and steady image. For me the film finished when you cut to a close up of the eggs and I would have been happy to see no more. I knew in my mind the rest of the story and didn’t need to see the closing shots of eggs, tentacle and predator. I guess I know why you did that. You wanted to show just what she was giving her life to. Then the eating of one of the first born by a fish really showed the fragility of the new life.

Big Animals I’ve Recorded So Far – Hank Hall

Watch Hank’s video here.

Stunning opening images of the Whale Shark. Once again the magic of the GoPro. The bull Sharks were a good change of pace and caught me by surprise (nicely, I may add). Moody lighting. I hope you got some excellent still photos from the video frames. I was ready for the Sea Lions, and what a wonderful opening shot. I think the Sea Lion was laughing as much as I was. A wonderful moment. Then the turtle over the drop off, very dramatic…..

My compilation 2 Gladius ROV – Stan Adam

Watch Stan’s video here.

First ROV film we’ve had. That was interesting. The quality of the images was quite good and the shots very steady. Music fitted well. For your next film I would love to see something only an ROV could do that divers would find very difficult indeed. Animal behaviour could be one thing.

The Forgotten Islands – Betsy Beasley

Watch Betsy’s video here.

What an excellent adventure. Lovely beginning. The slow and steady camera moves were complimented really well by the music which induced a very relaxed feel to the video. Also nice lighting. I thought the long clip of the Ringed Pipefish was enchanting and so glad you didn’t cut it short. Very smooth transition to the shark which brought about a new feel to the film. Barracuda and shoaling fish were good to see.

17 Days in Indonesia: Ambon and the Forgotten Islands – Betsy Beasley

Watch Betsy’s video here.

Well this doesn’t happen often; in fact never. A separate film of the surface side of a trip. Very brave of you to do this. Cool graphics to open with and good music. The entire film was very well put together both with content and editing. I would be interested to know if you had a target audience in mind especially as it was quite long.

Renggis and the Wreck – Megan Pettersson

Watch Megan’s video here.

I’m not usually a great fan of heavy rock music with underwater films but you made it work. The cutting to the music was very good and precise and turned otherwise normal images into a punchy video. The length of the film was just right too. Any longer and the music would have become overwhelming, but at this length it held my attention right through. Just goes to show that quite often less can be more.

And the Winner is….

More excellent videos this month and as usual I have to pick a winner. The film that held me more than any other was A very short story of an octopus by Lutfu Tanriover.  A very simple yet powerful film that delved right into the heart of another species. It was perfectly shot and  had a stunning music accompaniment.

Even if you didn’t win this month, please do look at the other films and my comments on each. It may help you next time.

I look forward to your entries in May – good luck to you all.

Scubaverse.com’s May 2018 Underwater Video Contest is now open! Enter as many as three of your underwater videos here.

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  1. Craig Beasley says:

    Hi Guys,
    Maybe Betsy will also reply about the video she submitted, but I thought I would answer your question while i am here about the “17 Days in Indonesia” film she submitted. It is a long film. We are members of the Houston Underwater Photographic Society (HUPS) and we have a practice of putting together such expositions of club trips to share at our monthly meetings. This is not only for those who didn’t go, but also for those who did. This trip was not an official club trip, however, the six of us shown in the credits are members so we had significant participation. We thought it was so interesting that we wanted to share it with the club so Betsy and I were tasked with doing the topside video. (There is a similar underwater compilation, which is quite good, but it is mostly stills. ) We realized that it is not an “underwater video” but nevertheless, wanted to share it since your contest seems to attract a lot of good video and hence a lot of viewers. Brave? Not so sure about brave since we had so many good contributions from the group, however, maybe “brave” is apt in hindsight. We had never made such a long video and it was a LOT of work but very satisfying in the end. Notably, Betsy worked incredibly hard to put together the music. We have a friend who plays the video in the background when working just to listen to the music. Now that’s a compliment!

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